Cinderella Re-Spun (Part 7)

Cinderella reluctantly made her way to Olivia’s room.


It wasn’t like she hadn’t felt the hot sting of Olivia’s hand before.

Stepmother was waiting impatiently in the carriage. Once her step sisters were in, the carriage started off down the road. Cinderella yearned to be in that carriage, giddy with excitement, with a chance to win the Prince’s hand in marriage. She sighed.

As she turned around, a sleek white cat ran into the house and Cinderella followed curiously after. Standing on the bottom step of the spiral staircase was a pale woman with white hair. She wore a cloak that radiated silvery light like it was made of a million tiny stars. The woman dusted herself off and ran her fingers over the air in front of her where a wand appeared. “Oh, hello dear. My name is… well, you may call me Fairy Godmother,â€? the woman announced in a friendly voice as though she talked to complete strangers everyday.

Cinderella could only stare in awe at the woman who had been a cat just a moment ago.

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