The Moment It Almost Ended

As the credits rolled, he turned to her, eyes wide and expectant.

“So, what did you think?”


He blinked, and his brow forrowed.

“Eh? I just showed you The Godfather, one of the greatest American films ever made and you say ‘eh’?”

“I thought it was too long.”

“Too…too long? Are you out of your mind? You don’t build a tapestry of character and channel the American immigrant experience through the prism of the mafia in 90 minutes. You don’t get scenes like the garlic slicing scene in 90 minuts.”

“Yeah, what was the point of that.”

“Are you being dense?”

“Your ears are getting red.”

“Yeah, my ears are red because my girlfriend fails to appreciate movies with real character. What, did Michael Corleone need to blow up a hospital for you to appreciate what a great movie this is?”

“OK, you’re over reacting.”

“I am not over reacting! You being vapid to piss me off!”

With that, she packed an overnight bag and went to stay with a friend and he watched The Godfather Part 2.

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