Not Bartimaeus, but Leo, King of the Midgets

The large silver door creaked open ever so slowly, releasing a blinding white light at which everyone but Bartimaeus flinched. A mighty roar resembling that of a thousand chipmunks resounded from inside the silver door.
Bartimaeus chuckled as the white light began to fade.

“Behold, my friends…”

The other writers stepped forward to see what was behind the silver door. Bart looked back to see all three of their mouths drop simultaneously.
There, through the silver door, stood a massive army of midgets, each clothed in white robes and wearing silver helmets. They held not swords, but pens in the air as their leader entered the enormous cave. Bart stepped through the silver door, onto a balcony which overlooked his midget armada. He held up his hands to silence the roar.

“Today is the day which we all shall remember that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword!”
The army roared again as Bart held his fist in the air.
“All hail Leo! The Midget King!”

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