Thunder Part One

There was a crash and a bright light and like a thousand tiny little beads of water. The windshield wipers swiped back and forth, back and forth. I was just thankful that we were just driving into the parking lot of the resort. By the time the rest of us would be getting here, it would be like a hurricane for us thanks to where we had driven from which was our hometown in the desert.
I took out my suitcase, backpack, and purse and made my way up to our room. I walked up three flights of stairs just to make it to the door. That was totally new to me since of where I live which I like to call Earthquake Central, we don’t have stairs in my house.
I reached the door and was let in by my friend’s mom thanks to the glorious little card called a room key. The light on the door flashed green and the door opened.
Just then, a huge crash of thunder boomed once again as I stepped across the threshold.
Already I could tell that this week long trip was going to be no walk in the park for me.

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