Albany coming Up(Doc8)

” I do thank you, Martha, but I don’t think a little cough is enough to warrant a doctor.” Doc said.

“You men are all so stubborn. My daddy’s just like you.”

Doc laughed, and the coughing resumed, racking his entire body. He had to grasp the guard railing with both hands. When he finally got it under control Martha took his arm and assisted him back to their sitting compartment.

Approching the compartment they could hear loud voices, and cursing, coming from both male and female. Opening the door, both Archibald and Kathern Kaye looked up startled. Between them perched on Archibald’s knees was Doc’s instrument case. They were using it as a card table.

“Martha, he’s making up rules to excuse his poor playing.” Kathern said with a pout.

Archibald laughed. “I was just trying to make the game interesting.”

“You two are acting like children. It’s hard to believe you are in your twenties.” Martha scolded.

Doc sat.

“What are we playing?” Doc asked.

“Stud.” both siblings replied.

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