Stupid Girl

She sat on her own bed for a change, feeling utterly alone in the huge master bedroom. With a hand on her abdomen, she contemplated the night’s discussion with her husband. Maybe this would be good news to him; maybe this would make him love her again.
“Thorn…” came a husky voice from behind, as if on dreadful cue. She hated hearing that from his lips. Only Dévon could make it sound less odd and more beautiful. He staggered over to immediately smother and kiss her jugular. Liquor, nicotine and another woman’s perfume emanated from him. “I figured you were still visiting family.” Thorn moved some of his long, ashen hair away from her face in false tenderness.
“Your uncle Dévon sent me home.” She mustered up some courage, figuring now or never. ” But I have good news! I’m preg-.”
But before she could answer a loud and painful blow came to the side of her head. “I don’t want children!” He scolded. “I’ve told you that, stupid girl!”

She felt tears and blood pool to her eyes. It isn’t yours anyway, she thought.

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