Never Trust People Who Don't Trust You.

Devon had a tumultuous week, to say the least. she was sitting outside a seedy hotel in a seedy part of town listening to a seedy hitman who she truly believed was her friend explain that she wasn’t a prisoner but a rescue.
“Mr Julian do you have any sunscreen?”
“Sure Punkin i have some inside hang on, don’t talk to strangers.”
The hitman rifled through a bag containing a forty five automatic, a nine millimeter, a five shot thunder five revolver, three boxes of shells, a carton of smokes, carmex and a bottle of sunscreen. He opened the door and said, “I can’t believe you are still her.”
“My Daddy always tells my mom not to trust people that don’t trust you, so i guess i can trust you.” The nine year old spoke sagaciously.
“Why you need sunblock, it isn’t bright out here.”
“I have this birthmark on my arm and it’ll burn.” Devon added.
“Wow i have the….Hey you wanna go somewhere else where we can think, like Chuckie Cheese.” The killer asked.
“You know it yeah!!”

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