Chuckie Cheese or bust.

The Motel Nine on Barrat Avenue was the last place any parent would ever wish their kid to be, but as Detective Walsh looked at the confiscated security tapes, he had even more wishes. He studied the films, but they only gave up more mysteries. He thought to himself, “What the hell is he saying to her? Ok this looks like something, WHAT ? He went inside the hotel and left her on the stoop for a second, why didn’t she run? what is he saying to her. What is she saying to him?”
He shouted, “Rewind that!”
“Rewind it again.” Devin’s Dad said.
“Did you see what they said?” The detective inquired.
“Its hard to tell with his Tom Selleck mustache, but i think he asked her if she wanted to.. rewind it again?”
“Yup, does she want to go to Chuckie Cheese so they could think?” The dad said befuddled.
“Sir i don’t want to say this but he should have killed her, not suggested Chuckie Cheese. Sergeant Calloway i want every Chuckie Cheese in this city canvased.”
“Already on it sir?”
“I don’t understand it, he’s a killer”

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