A long night before dawn - The cross-gendered challenge.

Charlene felt around in her purse until she located her cell. She was afraid to take her eyes from the river of light ahead of her vehicle. It was almost one o’clock and she was suppose to be home at twelve.

Ashley, answered almost immediately. “Hi, girl friend, how was the party?”

“Ashy, I’m not home yet, and I’m in so much trouble.”

Ashley could hear that Charlene was on the brink of tears. “Where are you ?”

“I don’t know. Jerry and his stupid buddies got drunk. Jerry is passed out in the back seat. I thought I knew how to get home but I musta missed a turn or something.
“Ashy, I am so scared. I’m in some sort of industrial area, and all the buildings are dark.”

“Chari, can you see any street signs?”

“Yes, I’m on Loman St.”

“What’s the cross street?”

Her voice was now a sob. “Ashy, there is no cross street signs.”

“Are you going east or west?”

“I don’t no. Oh, wait, I see lights up ahead. Oh thank god, it’s a Starbucks,” Charlene said.

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