The starter in the old Thunderbird cranked several times before the tired old engine fired up. Marlene, was always telling me to trade it off….

Marlene… My darling’s name. I’d called her my darling for so long that her actual name didn’t fit my mouth. It was Marlene who was buried in the cold ground, not my darling. The thoughts of her filled my mind as I negotiated through the ruts of last weeks snowfall.

Finally I reached the interstate highway. The highway had been cleared so I made good time. I kept my speed ten miles an hour over the speed limit, and watched for the police.

The exit to Wexworth was a mile ahead. Ah, now I know where Masada resided, somewhere in Wexworth. And when did the pharmacist say the DNR warning was applied. Two weeks ago. I now have a two week window.

My luck ran out, for tonight at least, it was 10:10. Dale’s Pharmacy was closed.

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