There are alot of new names appearing on ficlets we are so glad to have you. One of the things that make ficlets so addictive is, other writers commenting on your work, so i thought i would help you new people get more comments. These are some Proven methods to getting more comments.
1. Get a pic, it is easy to do but it helps the reader identify with you. Plus it is a good way to express yourself.

2. Get a name. If you dont get a name people won’t believe you will be around. Plus your name helps us get an idea of what you are about, and lets us follow your work.(or heckle you lol)

3. Comment on other peoples work. If someone reads my story and comments i will go comment on theirs and almost all other Loa members will do the same.

4. Add writers who have common interest to your profile.
That way when they post new stories you will see them on your home page.

5. Aim friends you meet on ficlets. The best thing about ficlets is the people on here, so make friends we are real people.

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