The rolled the Twenty foot high monster truck into the area in front of the catacombs, where there once was an enormous mountain, but now thanks to perkins, there was only a hole.
Elsha stood up in the back of the monster truck and said, “You sure Krully will be here?”
“Trust me he is coming i can feel his reatsu.” Mask added.
As the stood around Bart come out with a small army and i do mean small army.
Then just as she prophesied a small pink spree moped drove up with a monstrous seven foot tall biker riding on it.
“heheheh what’s with the wheels krully?” Mask snickered.
“You should know half pint you put yogurt in my gas tank.”
“Well at least i left you the moped.”
“Remind me to kill you later.”
Elasha yelled in a megaphone, “Bart please leave this battlefield when Krulltar dies i wil be the one to kill him.”
“Yeah so take the Time Bandits home.” Krulltar added.
Bart could feel the embarrassment swelling in him as he said, Midgets assemble into MIDGETTRON
Krulltar looked to mask and said.”Midgets?”

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