Bart Doesn't get ahead.

“Look Bart i love you and God knows i love the Uhmpa Luhmpas, so either call em off or i am going to have to step in.” Elsha said while raising her bolt action sniper rifle.
“But Elsha Krulltar is Evil.” Bart replied.
“Oh he is evil but he will die and i will kill, not a Mini Me sky scraper.” Elsha yelled through the megaphone.
“I cant wait he has to die.” Bart replied.
cichink pow cichink pow
The shots rang out at light speed while her blinding rifle picked apart the midgets faster than Oprah could clear out a shoney’s buffet. The last midget corpse hit the ground and Elsha held the gun on Bart and said,” So do i kill you too or do you join us.”
Bart’s eyes were filled with tears when he turned the gun on himself and said, “I will go with my little guys.”
Elsha said, “Krully get his body we might need it later.”

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