Run For Your Lives!

Esben Drey was awakened by shouts and screams. The first thought that went through his head was a string of expletives and curses on those disturbing him. Then his brain registered the noise as unusual and he opened his eyes. It was too bright outside his tent, and the shadows were too large. He got up, now confused.

Still in his long underwear, he stepped outside. Just then a roaring, wailing, evil sound echoed through his whole body. He covered one ear with his remaining hand and screamed like a five-year-old in a lightning storm.

Fire was beginning to burn tents beside his, a man ran past engulfed in flames, then collapsed to the ground and set another tent on fire with his body.

A soldier ran past flailing a sword and nearly lopped off Esben’s other arm! The soldier was looking up instead of ahead, and when Esben finally saw the black angular shape and fire ignite at it’s snout, he knew Bluetooth was wrong. No matter how small this dragon was, it was still very real!

Esben turned and ran out of camp.

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