The Descent: down and dirty

I begin to flirt around with the idea in my head. Could it be booby trapped?

My confusion and doubt soon turned to rage! Of course it is not booby trapped! They took me for a dummy, thinking I would never find something that might as well have smacked me in the face! If it is anything I have learned from living with my “family” it is to never underestimate ur oponent(s), And frankly they made a big mistake.

I begin the descent. With each step I take the steps creep and I pause, still as death. The path is unlit and I wonder if there is anyone or thing lurking at the bottom of the stair case. I grope the walls for balance, and quickly retrack my hand. My hands tingle, an after effect of the electrical shock.

Suddenly information finally registers in my mind. The walls, they are loaded with electrical wires. But werent electrical wires outlawed 7 years ago due to health hazards? What are they doing here? And further more, where is the dust? Obviously this stair case was used recently.

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