The Undead Lord Pushes a Button

With the speed of continental drift the vampires lips finally curve into an evil grimace.”So,my wolf. What would you have us do about Lawver and this tiresome trio of trash?”

“Well-”the wolf begins to speak,but is cut off when his entire seat vanishes into the pit, formerly concealed by a trap door.

’’It was a rhetorical question,’‘the vampire says aloud to no one in particular.”Send in the Mummy!!”he hollars into the darkness.

After a few moments a muttering and shambling procession can be heard in the distance of the vast underground cave.
The vampire yells ,”While I’m still Undead ,please!”

The mummies voice is muffled but still audible and followed by a chorus of nonsensical but supportive grunts,”Hold your bats White Boy, you got all eternity and my bandages are raveling.”
There are a few more irate mumbles and the Mummy continues,”He says his stitches are poppin’, so this better be damn good.”He is finally within sight of the table,”A trap door, how very Monty Burns/Dr.Evil of you O my dark Lord.”

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