Perceval Goes Alone

When Kira awoke the entire camp was buzzing and Katra was searching for him.
“what is going on?”
“There you are.”
“What is happening.”
“I am not sure but everyone is saying Perceval left to go fight Bluetooth on his own.”
“What where is Mardy and My father.”
“Your father and the tax collector rode after him.”

Kira finally found Mardy sitting alone near an apple tree. He had never seen her cry, but she was sobbing, and devouring apples. She handed the letter to Kira that explained how Perceval saw the burn on Katra’s hand at the mess tent, and realized that Kira’s wounds were transferring to Katra. He said that no one else was going to be hurt for his war, he was going to ride out to the ring fortress and call out Bluetooth.
“Mardy pull your self together, we find Ferefez, and go to join Perceval. He is so selfish he doesn’t realize, There are some things worth dieing for.”
Mardy screamed to a passerby, “Squire please help Kira into his armor things are gonna get hot!”

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