A Pointless Circle

“Oh, yeah,” Cricket said nonchalantly, looking over at my cellphone. “Some crazy guy stabbed a poor coach…I don’t know if that’s what you’re talking about…”

I looked up at Cricket, and scrutinized him closely. “Just where do you get information hours before it’s released to the public?”

“I’m Cricket; that’s what I do.”

“Oh, what an enlightening answer,” I grumbled, and sifted through my other text messages.

I groaned. I had about five messages from my teacher.

Where are you?

Need you back.

They all ran along these lines.

“What is it?” Cricket asked, looking over my shoulder. I snapped the phone shut forcefully, making him jump slightly.

“I need to get back to headquarters,” I sighed, and pocketed my cell. “Teacher says there’s something big up.”

“Oh…okay. I can come along, I guess.”

“Then why did you drag me out of the building?”

”’Cuz I felt like it.”

I tilted my head to the sky, almost imploringly. I couldn’t help but admit that it rocked to have Cricket as a friend.


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