Ill at Ease

It took no time at all for Cricket & I to get down to the simple, but heavily guarded, abode of my teacher. A guard & Cricket did this odd handshake-hand clap thing & rammed shoulders. Cricket had explained that it was a common greeting back home.
I’d never understand his customs.
“The Master’s been ill at ease,” the guard whispered to us, referring to my teacher.
“No, sullen & silent.” My brows knitted; he was never very quiet, something must be wrong.
We soundlessly ascended the flights of stairs up to his chamber. Reaching the door at the top, we listened the edges. Not a sound to be heard. I felt my heart beat a bit faster.
Taking a deep breath, we slowly opened the door & entered. Empty, but this wasn’t unusual. Occasionally he would leap out of a ceiling panel to make sure I was ready for anything. I bowed as I usually did.
“We came as soon as we could,” I said to the open air.
“Glad you did, too.” I looked up in shock to see the black form and steely green eyes of the Spoon Ninja.

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