The Disadvantages of Best Friends

I swore under my breath, and then my voice picked up volume.

“What did you do to Master?” I asked, my hands balling themselves into fists.

“You mean your teacher?” Lin laughed, waving a gloved hand in my face. “Oh…he’s somewhere I wouldn’t like to be myself.”

I lurched forward, and grabbed Lin’s shirt collar, pulling her close to my face as a growl bubbled up my throat.

Her green eyes widened, not having anticipated such a reaction from me.

She should have known better.

Master was family. He was there after my parents died, and I’d move heaven and hell to make sure he was safe (even though he can take care of himself quite well).

“Alright, miss. You wanna play it that way?” I snarled, clenching my teeth forcefully. “You’ll get it tough.”

“Ha! You think you’ve frightened me?” Lin gurgled. I knew she was scared.

When we hung out together, she’d always comment about how afraid she was of my temper. I knew everything about her, and vice versa.

I prayed to God she wouldn’t remember my weak hand.

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