Works Every Time

I straightened up, feeling pretty confident in my efforts. A sudden jerk at my ankle made the hardwood floor meet my nose. Hard.
“Works every time,” Lin snickered, resuming her place over my head. I swiped behind her knees again, bringing her crashing down on top of me. We rolled furiously on the floor, until I had Lin’s arms pinned to the floor, I perched over her torso.
“Works ever time.” I couldn’t hold back the spiteful smirk.
“Fine,” she spat. “If you don’t like my first proposition, how about another?” “I’m all ears.”
“In a match-up of a third party’s choosing, if you win, I might let you try to get your precious master back.”
“But if you win?”
“You go where he is, in a worse position than he is. Let me warn you, that’s saying something.”
I sensed a tone in her voice telling me something else was up her sleeve.
“What’s the catch?”
“Cricket decides.”
“There’s more, what is it?”
A nasty smile graced her lips.
“If I win, he has to come with me.”

I’ve never seen Cricket’s face go paler.

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