Cricket's Got the Moves!

“I’m g-gonna do what?” Cricket was incredulous as I pulled him over to a corner.

Lin was sitting in the center of the room, looking quite pleased with herself, keeping her wary eyes on us.

“You have to pick,” I said, pinching the bridge of my nose. “It’s crazy, but you have to.”

“I forgot to mention,” Lin said, suddenly piping up, “that the sport cannot include something that you’ve had intensive training in…such as gymnastics, martial arts, aikido…”

“We get the point,” I growled, and moved behind Cricket, making him a makeshift shield.

“Pretend like you’re disagreeing with me,” he mumbled, and my eyebrow arched. His character had erratically changed.

It took only a second to understand what he was saying, and I obliged.

What are you talking about, Cricket?

Lin sighed, looking apparently bored.

“On the count of three…” Cricket whispered, pulling a bauble out of his jacket.


My mouth opened in shock, but I was too busy being hauled out another window to scream.

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