Moving Out Part 2 Continued

(continuation of part 2)
_BREAKING NEWS : New Disease Hits Lower Mid-Atlantic Region _ Then the news reporter began to speak: “Well Tom, I’m here in Trenton, New Jersey, where hundreds are being admitted to hospitals all over the state. State officials are considering issuing a state of emergency, purely because of the disease symptoms which at this time include organ failure, hallucination, vomiting. Scientists say this disease strain has never been seen before, and it has been there top priority since the disease has been discovered on Sunday. They have made some progress as to where the disease came from, and how it generally works. Dr. Joe Lasman, a medical investigator in Trenton say the incubation time for the disease is virtually nothing, and is passed though any kind of contact with other humans. The FDA has also just admitted to attempting to keep the disease issue silent until now, thinking it could have only been a minor issue. The Surgeon General has told all mid Atlantic residents to stay indoors.

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