The Most Curious Asylum in the Modern World [Starts With, Ends With Challenge]

The crazy thing about this is no one in the asylum was crazy.

Or a nut.

Or a psychopathic killer.

They were all perfectly normal.

If that’s not crazy enough for you, you should be put in an asylum instead of me.

The Coventry Asylum was supposedly “notorious” for “many of Britain’s greatest wack-jobs contained in a safe, friendly environment.”


The truth, the whole truth, is that we were all very well payed actors playing the role of the greatest wack-jobs in Britain.

And that’s nothing but the truth.

Future clients would be assured that this was indeed the perfect place to dump their unwanted family members for the low price of 750 pounds a month, and then shown the comfortable rooms where we would act like happy psychopaths.

Meanwhile, the numerous unidentified graves in the graveyard nearby grew larger and larger in number.

Quite a beautiful system, if I do say so myself. Money was made, and unwanted members of society were quietly disposed of.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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