Meanwhile, In the depths of Writer's Block, Death is not always as it seems

“Whoa… where the heck am I?”
Never Explain awoke in a dream-like state, trying to take in his surroundings. But to his surprise, he couldn’t… Everything was a jumble. He was floating in space, surrounded by little green lights resembling fireflies. He reached out to touch one, but was stopped by the touch of a cold hand on his shoulder.
“Tom… it is not wise of someone of your… character to be poking around here.”

Never Explain turned around to catch the deathly eyes of THX , quite literally. In THX ’s eyes, Never Explain saw the deaths of many people. Some he didn’t know, and others were somewhat familiar. He even saw the dismantling of a midget army by a mysterious hitman, and he stifled a laugh.

“Kermitgorf was right, you’re a foolish boy… God knows why I saved you.”
Tom frowned.
“But we died.”
THX nodded and massaged his Goatee of Awesomeness.
“Yes, but death is not always as it seems…”
“Then what is this place?”
“We, my friend, are stuck in Writer’s Block.”

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