Something Worse

“What do you mean, run?” I asked him, pulling him down by his tunic in the hopes of bringing his perfectly sculpted mouth close again.

“This isn’t the time for explanations!” He exclaimed and then grabbed my other hand so that he was now holding me by both hands. Honestly, I didn’t mind much. His hands were smooth as butter and so warm…

My attention was so riveted on the feel of my hands in his, I barely noticed where he was dragging me. Soon we arrived at a precipice overlooking a roaring waterfall.

“What’s with the running? I mean, usually you just stab the dragon or punch the bad guy.”

He let go of both of my hands and turned to face me, his magnificent eyes so deeply blue I felt I was drowning in them.

“This isn’t a dragon or a bad guy, princess. This is something else. Something worse.

I processed his words for a minute and then blinked. “What did you just call me?”

His blue eyes suddenly widened, focusing on something behind me.

“Jump!” he shouted. So we did. It was an endless fall…

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