Be the Miracle

The lady stared at Jameson for a heartbeat or two, then her face broke open in a generous smile that made him feel as though everything, somehow, would be alright.

True miracles don’t just happen to you because you need them or expect them – you have to make them happen,” she said.

“But what if the other person doesn’t want the miracle to happen?”

“You’ll never know unless you try, right?”

Just then the bus arrived. As luck would have it, its route led to the airport. Jameson shook the lady’s hand firmly, his eyes shining with something more than gratitude.

“Let me at least pay for your bus fare, lady. It’s the least I can do.”

She smiled the wide open smile again, and he couldn’t help smiling back. “After you, Jameson,” she murmured, and Jameson boarded the bus and handed his change to the driver.

“This is for me and the lady behind me.”

“What lady, kid?”

“The lady right behind – “

Jameson whirled around in a complete circle, confused, not seeing her. She was gone.

“How did she know my name?!”

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