My Big Sister (BNL) [Music Challenge... again]

Will groaned to his best friend Arty.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“This.” Will held up a black coat, just his size. “I like my big sister, but I don’t wanna wear her coat.
“Ugh.” Arty wrinkled his nose. “Does it fit?”
“Perfect. But you & I both know it’s a girl’s coat.” Will stuck his tongue out in disgust.
“I’m glad I don’t have an big sister,” Arty said, breathing a sigh of relief for having a perpetually-screaming baby sister.
“Now don’t get me wrong,” Will added hastily, “I can handle some hand-me-downs.
“But you need some limits. I’d say no shirts or sandals.”
“Ew, no. Balls and games and such I don’t mind.

But a coat, they agreed together, is over the line.

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