Kira Gives a Motivational Speech

Once Kira was girded in the white armor that now fit him perfectly, he strode to the middle of camp.

“Everybody gather! Kira has something to say!” Mardy bellowed. She was better than a megaphone!

“Fellow countrymen! We have before us an enemy of great military knowledge, trained soldiers, and plated armor.” The villagers looked worried.

“Such great knowledge that stretched hides and burning oil sent them scurrying in fear!” The crowd laughed.

“Such training that they were unarmed and asleep in the middle of the night!

“Friends! We have shown this tyrant that he can no longer take our money, our crops, our families! Not without a fight!” The villagers chorused “Aargh!” very much like pirates.

“Today we fight a heartless, and army-less, King who taxes us no more! Who enslaves us no more! Who will rule us no more!!” The crowd went wild.

“Today we will march upon them, alongside Marduke! We will finish off the King’s men, the King’s fortress, and We, Will, Win!”

Kira was hefted up and carried to Marduke.

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