Marching, The Army Grows Bigger

The army of villagers, equipped with spears, swords, arrows, leather armor, and a morale like a wall around them, marched through the no-man’s-land that separated them from the army at the ring fortress.

Every day, the sight of the dragon flying rings around the marching farmers-turned-soldiers brought out more men from villages along the way. Sometimes Mardy would fly far out to reach a village and encourage them to fight.

Kira headed up the march, when he wasn’t flying with Mardy. He had been marching for almost a whole day before Mardy had returned from a village and asked him to fly. He climbed onto her shoulders and when they rose into the air, he was astonished at how his band had grown.

“Where did all these people come from?!”

“From the land, from the oppression of the King.”

“They are untrained!” Kira was alarmed.

“They will all fight from the heart. They are following you, Kira. They believe in You.”

“No, it’s YOU they believe in, Mardy.”

“It’s Us, Kira, together.”

“Together.” Kira echoed.

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