Cinderella Re-Spun (Part 9)

“There you are, dear. Hurry up and get to the ball, it’s about to begin.â€?

“Thank you so much,â€? was all Cinderella could manage as she climbed into the pumpkin-style ride.

“You’ll need a driver and a footman as well…â€? she flicked the wand at two deer standing in the field nearby and with a puff of smoke appeared two lean men dressed in white to match the ensemble. “Come now, don’t be shy,â€? she cooed. One of the men brushed a few pieces of grass off his face as he approached Fairy Godmother.

“Alright, off you are.â€?

“Oh, but my feet. What shoes will I wear?â€? Cinderella suddenly realized.

“Hmm, something unique. Glass slippers,â€? Fairy Godmother decided. And on Cinderella’s feet she formed the most perfect crystal slippers, ten times more beautiful than silk.

“How will I ever be able to repay you?â€? asked Cinderella.

“By finding your true love. Remember, you must leave by midnight.â€?

The horses trotted off. When Cinderella looked back there was only thin air where Fairy Godmother had been.

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