Al-Rahman’s Fear

It all started with the words Fear. In a blink of an eye “Fear,â€? reflected in the eyes of one man. Crouching on his knees, face head down. Tears of the words Fear spilling on the floor. In the tears were recent memories of a young girl walking with fire enclosing her body.

In his ears the girl spoke to him. Whispering two cold words.

“Kill Her…..Kill Herâ€?

Wet footsteps stomped on the floor walking across the man. The room flickers on and off. The man cries even harder. The footsteps stop in front of the dark door. Lights gone on and there it is, a deadly image of the girl glaring right at him. She starts to walk, the crows with Fear in their eyes fly away from this haunted image. The final blink of an eye crosses time and the door opens. The girl appears and the man’s heart stops. His breathe, his tears, his blood disappears in the image of Fear. His eyes roll in the back of his head and he swings his head up screaming his last words before the image of Fear swallows him in the river of death.

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