The Coffee War [Starbucks Challenge]

This was the day.

The day everything would be decided.

The green aprons versus the white.

Two opposing lines stared each other down in the middle of a deserted parking lot with a palpable hatred.

The leader of the green side spoke.

“Behold, my greatest nemesis, the power of our many flavors!”

The white side screamed in pain as many differently labeled packages were drawn from behind the green aprons.

The white leader, gasping in pain, retorted, “Behold the power of TIMBITS !”

Now the green side lost their composure as many sticky balls of fried dough were thrown at them.

And so started the long awaited battle.

“Behold, the Chai Tea!”

“Behold, the House Blend!”

“Exclusive CD releases!”

“Lemon Kringles!”

“European atmosphere!”

Finally, with his last breath, the white aproned leader unleashed the greatest weapon.

“Behold,” he whispered, “The power of the best Iced Capp in America!”

The green side disappeared in a poof of smoke at the sheer power of this beverage.

Tim Horton’s emerged victorious.

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