Forgotten Vows

I layed on the wet grass, thinkin of what was. What is. What will be. Everything was lost, I had chosen my path. Maybe it was wrong, but second thoughts are overrated. Looking at the oncoming clouds a smile took over my face. The dress was already stained with tears, what would a little rain hurt?

I had to stop thinking about it, about how I was wrong. My wedding day would not be the memorable experience everyone said it would be. Scratch that- it would be, just not in the conventional sense.

It was time. I had to get out of this town, this god-forsaken town, where cows outnumbered the people. The gossip had probably already spread. “I heard the Grennich girl ran away from the altar. What a fool.” I could hear it, ringing through my ears.

Had to get out. Just had to go.

But to where?

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