50 Doors

Greenery of a sort I had no knowledge of and this time there was neither path nor corridor to lead my way. After catching my bearings (not North vs. South, but up from down), I decided that I was in the midst of the bottom of some sort of sea of grass. Of course with no memories, it was difficult to be for sure that I had never seen this type of grass before. However, my “knowledge” led me to believe that it was similar in characteristics to familiar grasses with the exception of size.

In that specific spot, the grass towered over my head to heights at least 3 times my height. From what I could tell, the tops of the grass rippled and undulated as if the wind was blowing it. The undulating and rippling grass roared with the interaction to the wind. The Grass Sea was so tall and so thick that I could not see the sky; yet, filtered light still trickled down to my level.

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