The Note (starts with ends with challenge)

The crazy thing about this is, I’m not crazy. I’m not delusional, I’m not on drugs, I’m not even asleep.

I went to my locker and found a note someone had slipped in through the vent. I went to class for some privacy, getting there before the crowd, and read it.

HE wanted to meet me, after school, at the maple tree. THE maple tree, the one we’ve named the make-out tree because it’s so wide you can hide two people behind it if they’re really close. The one with years of carved hearts and initials.

I’ve dreamed on meeting HIM there. I’ve dreamed of countless love scenes for years involving the two of us. I’ve never made this known to anyone, not even my best friend. Until two days ago.

We were playing Truth-or-Dare at her slumber party. And I told. She freaked! I knew it was BIG news. I’d never expressed interest in anyone before.

Now I had to prove it to her, and to HIM , by walking to THE tree, after school. I’m sure it won’t be like my dreams, that are, well..

And that’s all I have to say about THAT !

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