Birdlike Jase feathered his nest to make it a perfect home for his chosen mate. He built his house then he began to fill it. This was all long before deciding who the she would be.

Hours were spent scouring designer shops, antique stores, flea markets, and garage sales in an effort to choose those items that were just right.

When the day came that everything was in place, Jase went looking for a wife. When he found her the courtship went exactly according to his pre-planning.

Perfect that is until the day he brought her home. Cele HATED his home and within an hour HATED him.

After her refusal and her stormy exit to from his life, Jase opened up his liquor cabinet and proceeded to get stinking drunk then stayed that way until all of the alcohol in the house was gone. Unfortunately, the house was well stocked. He eventually ran out, sobered up, and survived the hang over. When he did he realized two things: his memory was hazy at best and he did not know where the PERFECT CHAIR had disappeared to.

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