Golf Buddies

“Yeah,” Emily rolled her eyes. ”’Cause we’re gonna fight in fancy dresses while riding in a limo.”
Brian pouted. “It could happen.”
“I’m curious,” Kevin said, looking from me to Brian and back again. “How did you two meet?”
Brian and I took one look at each other and burst out laughing. Everyone else looked confused.
“What’s so funny?” Joe asked.
“Sorry.” I gasped, pulling myself together. “We met in one of the most awkward ways possible.”
“Don’t tell them.” Brian begged. “I’ll do anything!”
I shoved him over playfully. “You had your turn, now its mine.”
Brian groaned.
“I can’t take the suspense.” Emily said.
“He ran me over with a golf cart when I was eight!” I exclaimed, dissolving into laughter again.
WHAT ?!” Gwen and Joe yelled simultaneously.
Brian looked sheepish. “I was only nine.”
“They let nine year olds drive golf carts?” Nick asked, looking surprised.
“Um, no.” Brian mumbled. “I kinda sneaked into it.”
“Wow…” Emily laughed.
“How did you run over Wesley?” Kevin asked.

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