Mardy Thinks Shes Funny.(Starts With Ends With Challenge)

“The crazy thing about this is we won’t harm you, if you tell us where they were headed.”
Kira screamed to the prisoners.
“I don’t know, the tax collector and the big man came out of nowhere, attacked us and went that way.” Said the man as he trembled in fear.
Kira took a breathe and whistled as loud as he could.
The men evolved to a state of fear that was far above terror.
The little warrior spoke real low, “That sound, really is wings, it is your death approaching. It is the dragon that they have been talking about, the one who eats men’s bodies and devours their souls. we would have let you live but now nothing will help you.”
The man began to scream and spill their guts. They told every secret that had ever been shared with them. They admitted to things they didn’t even do.

Kira exited the tent and Mardy(The Dragon) was laying on her back laughing.
“Mardy that wasn’t funny they soiled themselves in fear, it smelled, and that’s all i have to say about that.”

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