Farafez meets Rothgar

The army traveled down the northern road only a couple days from the ring fortress, when they met an obstacle in the road. A giant of a viking was sitting on a bucket in the middle of the path.
“Sir Could you move aside?”
“I have heard of this army, you are all weak farmers!” The red haired viking yelled.
Farafez stepped from his horse, “Well please allow me to tutor you sir.”
“Please, i have killed moors. What will one more hurt? I am Rothgar.”
“I am Farafez, brother of Perceval, and when i beat you perhaps i will persuade you to join us.”
“If you beat me i will be your page for as long as i live.” Rothgar laughed as his huge battle ax clanked with the dark man’s sword.
The battle raged with each man sharing jokes. Mardy and kira stood at the edge of the battle mesmerized by the skill.
“You did not mention the rules.”
“No rules haha.”
Farafez held up his sword and said “Mardy”
She grilled the sword till it was white hot, and Farafez split the ax in on strike with the molten blade.

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