Pressure Points

I was glad Cricket was so tall & so insanely strong; he could stand on his bound hands to make it seem he was still suspended from the coat rack. His eyes thanked me as I inched away.
I couldn’t take it anymore; I flung myself desperately towards the door. As I did, I felt something metallic slam into the scruff of my neck, bringing me to the floor.
Geez, does Cricket ever sweep this floor?
I felt Lin’s warm breath as she whispered gloatingly, “I told you it’s good at pinning runaways.” If she had no self-control, this would’ve been her cue to cackle maniacally. She was crazy, but not that crazy.
I didn’t respond, half because I was so furious, half because I was in so much pain. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” she mocked.
“Hey ladies, I don’t mean to intrude, but I’m still here.” We whirled around, shocked to see Cricket standing unbound, ungagged, in his closet, casually selecting another of his weird jackets. His eyes sparkled impishly. “And I believe I still have some deciding to do.”

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