Olgoth Finally Laughs

The tax collector and Olgoth rode a little slower than the knight they were chasing.
“Why are you such a terrible horseman?”
“I rode in a buggy collecting taxes.”
“You gotta learn to ride by yourself cause this just isn’t manly, two men on the same horse.”
They were caught off guard when a troop of horseman surrounded them. In a flash Olgoth was on the ground with his sword drawn. The tax collector kinda fell of, but jumped to his feet clutching his battle ax.
“Ok which one of you wants to die first, don’t dilly dally we are in a hurry.” Said the knight leading the horsemen.
“Why are you in such a hurry to die, it is such a pleasant day.”
replied the taxman.
“That is no concern of yours, but if you must know we are riding to join the army of Kira the Magnificent.”
“Have you met this might warrior?” Olgoth asked with a smirk.
“No but we know of his legend.”
“Well do tell.”
“He is seven feet tall and rides a three headed dragon.”
Another man added, “I heard he bends swords with his mind.”

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