The Dragon Killer

Farafez and Kira crept to the top of the hills to spy on the army camped only a days ride from the ring fortress.
“This isn’t good young lord.â€?
“Farafaez they only have like a few hundred people, we have almost four thousand men.â€?
“It is not the amount, that scares me it is what they carry.â€?
“What do they carry?â€?
“They are the Cossacks and their leader wears a necklace called the griffins claw, it will kill Mardy. They say it came from an arrow head that killed the first dragon. It is powerful majik.â€?
“What will we do?â€?
“I am going to get it.â€?
Kira was amazed as Farafez lept down the cliff, like a mountain goat and dissapeared into the shadows.
The young bot peered into the darkness for hours, until the weight of his eyes pulled him into sleep.

“Awake young lord Mardy is safe.â€? Farafez said as waking the boy in the morning dusk. Kira noticed that the huge saracen was wearing the necklace around his neck, and he was covered in blood.
“Are you alright?â€?
“I just need some sleep.â€?

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