Archibald finds the guns(Doc11)

Archibald, couldn’t sleep. He envied Kate’s ability to sleep anywhere. He put a pillow behind his head, leaned back, and shut his eyes. His eyes popped open.

There, on the overhead shelf, was Doc’s instrument case. His valise had gone with him, but in all the excitement they’d forgotten his instruments. Archibald carefully reached up above kate and took it down. It was very heavy. He placed it next to him on the seat.

What could it hurt to look inside, he mused. He undid the clasps and layed it open. The array of unfamillar tools were fewer than he had expected. But on each side of the felt lined bottom were finger holes. He stuck his fingers into these holes and lifted out the top tray.

He caught his breath as he looked down at two Colt revolvers and a two barrel Derringer. Gently he removed the Derringer. It was loaded. All one needed to do was cock it and shoot. He replaced it and removed one of the Colts.
Like the Derringer, it was also loaded.

Now why, he wondered, would a dentist have…

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