The Chef

“Does this smell OK to you?” The man held up a casserole to his wife.
“Of course it doesn’t! You made it!” She sat up on the bed. Wrappers and paper plates were strewn all around. “I don’t like the food you make me! Go buy me s’more Twinkies!” She threw the dish at the door.
How did I get myself into this? He thought as he walked into a convience store at 3 o’clock a.m. She used to be so sweet. So good. Now she’s…. she would make a nice soup. His thoughts wandered. Plenty of carrots… a few celery stalks… “Have you go mad?!?” He shouted to himself. The cashier eyed him suspiciously. Still, imagine how good it would smell! He rubbed with aching stomach. I haven’t eaten in a while… soup is nourishing… “My Gosh! Just buy the Twinkies, laddie!” He threw the package on the counter dejectedly.

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