Sally Holmes Sniffs Out A Killer [Deduction Challenge]

The body lay on a driveway. It appeared that the figure was sleeping on the cement, but his pulse was non-existent.

The only visible object next to him had been a brick.

Sally noticed a small hair attached to the brick with dried sweat.

With this and the deep indentation in the man’s cranium, there was no doubt in Sally’s mind that the brick had been the end of his life.

Looking closer, Sally noticed a speck of black upon the brick’s surface.

When held up to her nostril, the smell was unmistakable.


Sally looked up to the roof where a Mr. Sherman had been renewing the tar, from where he looked down and discovered his dead client.

“Mr. Sherman,” began Sally, “I charge you with involuntary manslaughter. It is obvious that this brick had been in your way and you inconsiderately threw it off the roof, which, I’m sure, is against your company’s safety procedures. The brick then hit your client upon the head, killing him upon impact.”

Mr. Sherman gasped at the realization that he had killed his client.

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