Don't Disturb A Tired Dragon

Kira couldn’t go back to sleep after the shock of Farafez’s return so bloody. Besides the fact that he had the necklace was big news and he must tell Marduke.

“Marduke! Good news!” Kira ran towards her large dark silouhette against the already paling horizon.

“What is it?” she asked almost grumpily. “I had a late hunt.”

“Farafez captured the Griffin’s claw! Now they can’t kill you!”

“Well, that tips the scales in our favor. I shall have to congratulate him.” Mardy yawned and curled back up to sleep.

“That’s it! Aren’t you excited?! Mardy! We’ll win for sure! You can’t die!”

“Kira, Kira. There are many ways to kill. You have eliminated one and you act like you’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth! Now I told you, I had a late night, I’m tired, and if you keep shouting, you’ll wake the whole,” she yawned, “camp.”

Kira kicked her scaly leg. She didn’t budge. With Kira’s bubble of excitement now burst, he felt hungry. He went to find some breakfast

Breakfast sure wasn’t the same without Katra and the cooks

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