Death By Bling Bling.(Deduction Challenge)

“They are coming out, your orders?”
Detective Walsh studied the man through the field glasses. The robber led the hostage toward the van.
Walsh had been chasing this man all over the Midwest, without a single picture. This mistake wouldn’t have been made, had it not been for a traffic cop at the bank. It still wasn’t a mistake. The Heist-man had himself and the hostage clad in huge yellow raincoats, making a shot on the robber next to impossible.
“What are your orders sir?”
“Nothing,” he thought. Then, there it was, a tiny chink in the armor of the bandit. Walsh had to roll the dice with a man’s life on the pass line.
“Green light on the hostage.”
“Repeat, you want me to shoot the hostage.”
“Affirmative, green light on the hostage.”
As the bullet pierced the hostage’s brain, he fell forward revealing that he had been holding the gun and masquerading as the hostage.
“Sir how did you know that?”
“I noticed a ruby on his left hand.”
“They both have rubies.”
“No,that one is a Rose Garnet, not a ruby.”

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