A Farafez In The Woodpile.

Farafez, Kira and Rothgar rode at the head of the evr growing army.
“Sire how many men do think we will face.” Rothgar said to Farafez.
“Will you quit calling me that you are the biggest man i have ever seen, you cant be my squire.” Farafez retorted.
“I gave you my word my Lord.”
Kira laughed at the giant teasing Farafez.
“And what about you young master do you have a wee lass waitin for your triumphant return?” Rothgar prodded.
Kira blushed like a lady in waiting, at the oak tree teasing him.
“My leige may I ask you a question?” Rothgar quipped.
“Go ahead because I suspect there are not enough people in the world to silence you.”
“Well spoken my lord. Sire do you and the young Lord share a family resemblance?”
The knights behind them burst into laughter till Farafez, lept to the standing position on the back of his still moving horse.
“My Brother is The Noble Perceval, whose sister was the wife of Olgoth the Freeman, Peace be upon her. My Mother was the Queen of Zam Zam. My lineage is not funny.”

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