Esbin Got His Swagger Back.

“Sire there were more of us a few nights ago, but we clashed with some dragoons being led by Esbin Drey.”
The lead knight Exthor informed Olgoth.
“It couldn’t be Esbin Drey, i saw him cut down during a truce talk, Kira cut off his arm in one blow.”
The half drunk cook added from somewhere in the back.”Oh it was Esbin Drey alright i would recognize his prissy murderous ass anywhere. The uptight scoundrel wont even cuss when he is killin a man, and he had two arms too. ”
“He is telling the truth my lord, one hand was so strong he crunched a horses skull with it.” Exthor added.
“I don’t know what manner of majick that is but i swear on my life and name i saw his arm cleaved off. We will see tommorrow we should be a half a day behind Perceval at most.”

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